About MSc in IT

MSc in IT is an interdisciplinary IT Master’s degree programme. It-vest universities offer 14 different MSc in IT programmes. They are all two-year full-time master programmes aimed at different types of bachelors.

The education programmes are positioned in a triangle between technology, design and organization. A few of the programmes have their main focus on technology, some on design and some have their main focus on organisational or business impact on it. Most of the programmes combine the three.

Three Master of IT programmes are taught in English:

For further information about these educations, please contact the university concerned.

See the Danish site with presentation of all 14 Master programmes: www.cand-it-vest.dk.

About It-vest

It-vest, networking universities, is an educational and scientific network between three university institutions in the western part of Denmark:

For further information about It-vest, networking universities, please notice the website www.it-vest.dk.