Information security – a highly relevant topic

The intersection between people, the organisation, processes, and behaviour

Information security requires control of the technical IT-security, but it also highly requires knowledge about how to secure information, i.e., working systematically with the user’s behaviour, the company’s processes, ethics, and law, and much more.

A new report from Centre for Cyber Security indicates that the demand for people with information security competences is tripled the last 10 years and will continue to increase. Profiles, who can instruct and advise management and employees, are particularly needed, as the most common reason for a breach of IT-security is employees’ unconscious actions – so here, action is needed so that companies can work preventively with information security.

We know, therefore, that there will be a great demand for profiles who can work with information security, understanding of the human being, the organisation, processes, and behaviour.

For this reason, information security is the theme for Case Competition 2022. And we hope you will join in.

You can choose to work with the theme from two different angles, which will be presented below.

The description will be elaborated during December when the companies behind the cases are announced.

1) Cyber awareness – with focus on the users

Did you know that the most common reason for a breach of IT-security is employees’ unconscious actions? Therefore, to increase companies’ and organisations' IT-security, we need to focus on cyber awareness. How do we do that? A place to start is to be better at understanding culture and behaviour, and from that, develop innovative initiatives which contribute to a stronger cyber awareness in organisations and conscious behavioural changes.

Case holder: Implement

2) Security by Design from a UX perspective

From an ideal perspective, Security by Design will be the natural approach to all IT-development projects to address all threats from the beginning. IT and technology have developed from a supportive tool to be the focal point in many business models, and where IT-security has been something which is added subsequently, Security by Design is the new approach where security is integrated from the start.

With Security by Design, security is prioritised at the same level as, for example, scalability from the first step in the software design phase. Security is in focus through the entire software development process, and thereby, also when it comes to the design.

Case holder: Will be announced in January


We are looking forward to two exciting days with you focusing on network, learning, inspiration, and knowledge about cyber security.


Look forward to Case Competition 2022

Next Case Competition takes place Friday-Saturday March 25th-26th, 2022.


Do you want to know, what it is about? Click under here and experience the atmosphere from the previous years.

Læs mere Case Competition – for students at SDU, AAU, and AU Case Competition gather Western Denmark’s students for two days of intense collaboration.

Professionals from the corporate world present current cases, to whom the students will produce suggested solutions.

As participant, you take part in defining the problem statement which you will work with. You will be challenged in relation to professional competences, collaboration, and innovation. During the course, you and your group will get supervision from researchers, and professional feedback, and assessments from accomplished representatives from the corporate world, who contribute as mentors and members of the jury.

You will experience an intense course where you will be trained in working in a creative process and in pitching you project short and to the point. You will need this both as a student and in the corporate world. 

The event is free of charge.

Why participate in Case Competition?

A case competition is a unique experience for you as a student where you will:

  • use your professional competences in realistic problems,
  • meet professionals, who know of the demands and challenges of the corporate world,
  • improve your competences in relation to other’s competences,
  • work innovatively and creatively with idea generation and implementation,
  • experience working under pressure,
  • practice presenting ideas and solutions short and to the point to a larger audience,
  • get the possibility to win a prize with your group.

By participating in Case Competition you will acquire more tools, which you can apply both in relation to your education, in search for job, and in work:

  • You will gain an insight and training in methods to increase your competences in accomplishing a creative process. You can use this in innovation workshops or development meetings with business partners or future employers.
  • You will learn about pitching. To pitch is a significant tool to communicate knowledge shortly and to the point. You can use this at exams or at job interviews.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to participate in the case competition with commitment, curiosity, and a desire to collaborate with new acquaintances in a professional community.

It is important for the groups' work that all participants are involved throughout the course.

No preparation for the event is needed.